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Thursday, March 24, 2005

A persons right to diginity

Paying attention to the ongoing controversy surrounding the decision remove Terry Schiavo's feeding tube, I can only say this: this woman is already dead! The person that she was is gone. The quality of her life has gotten so poor that the only decent thing to do would be to let her die with some diginity.
Kudos to her husband for having the guts stick to his guns and fight to have the feeding tube removed. It's too bad that her parents are too selfish to let her go. They are hanging on to a dream and only making things worse for their daughter. If this is what she told her husband she wants, she deserves her diginity.
There are those that think that since her body still functions(barely), she is alive. I don't believe that is so. She is not capable of thinking for herself. Nor is she capable of doing anything for anything on her own. This is not the same thing as assisted living.
In an assisted living environment, the elderly can still get around on their own. They can feed themselves, they can cloth themselves, travel, visit relatives and friends, and for the most part, take care of themselves. Terry Schiavo is capable of none of this.
The person that she was is long gone. It is about time that people realize this. Her parents say that they love her. If that is true, than they will see that the quality of her living conditions has gotten very poor, and that it is time to let her go. The time has come for the protesters to do the same. These people have obviously never been inside a nursing home. If they had, they will see that is no way to live.


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