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Monday, September 04, 2006

Road rage is a crime

I saw this article at Fredericksburg.com. It left me wondering what it takes to make a person, even a professional truck driver, angry enough that they would run another person off the road. When you are on the road, sometimes you just have to keep your ego in check. When poeple let their egos get the better of them, that is when the road gets dangerous anad motorists get hurt.

Police arrest truckers

Dump-truck drivers arrested after incident on Interstate 95
Date published: 9/4/2006


Three men were arrested this weekend after an alleged road-rage incident involving two dump trucks on Interstate 95 that ended with the assault of a Dumfries man, a state police spokesman said.

Witnesses called police at 10:09 a.m. Saturday after seeing the two trucks driving erratically on southbound I-95 near the Courthouse Road exit in Stafford County, Virginia State Police Sgt. Les Tyler said yesterday.

Witnesses called again about 15 minutes later after seeing three men in the dump trucks follow a minivan off Exit 126 at Massaponax and then "forcibly remove" the driver and start beating him, Tyler said.

State police and at least one deputy from the Spotsylvania County Sheriff's Office caught up with the trucks on U.S. 1 just south of U.S. 17 minutes after the attack on the 35-year-old Dumfries man, Tyler said.

Patrick Wayne Nickens Jr., 21, and Franklin Benjamin Baker III, 18, both of Henrico County, and William Alfred Lee IV, 23, of Reedville were each charged with maliciously causing bodily injury by assault by mob, Tyler said. He said the charge is a felony and that a mob is defined as a group of three people or more.

Tyler said the victim was hit with an aluminum baseball bat during the attack but was not hospitalized.

"There is no indication he did anything to precipitate the attack," Tyler said.

Trooper B. A. Dunn, Sgt. T.S. Harrison and Trooper D.R. Gray were assisted by a Spotsylvania deputy in making the arrest, Tyler said. The deputy's name was not available yesterday.

Tyler said calls from witnesses were instrumental in making the arrests. He encouraged people to use their cell phones to dial either #77 or 911 when they see a crime.

Is there anyone on the road today with a shred of common sense? Or have things just gone to the birds?


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At 9:13 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

okay,whoever is at the top of this page that left them wondering how a truck driver could get so angry..1st of all..you DONT know the whole story because whoever pamela gould is doesnt know what she is talking about..and needs to get her facts and information straight before she starts publishing stuff in the newspaper..no i wasnt there when the incident happend..but i do know what happend..she obviously forgot to add what happend on the other side of the story.about the other guy getting out of the van, stabbing the boy,now did she?NO SHE DIDNT.and she also didnt say how the other guy started the whole situation..now did she.NO SHE DIDNT..to bad to hurt you feelings but the other guy WAS NOT hurt, he did not have ANY bruises and was NOT taken to the hospital for the truck driver to have beaten him so badly.NOW.y dont u take that into consideration before posting another WRONG blog further article with false facts and information.


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