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Monday, October 16, 2006

Instant aging while driving

Their have been many studies done on what happens when a driver, particularly a teenage driver, when they answer a cell phone call while driving a car. It is said to have the effect of taking a teenage driver and instantly aging them upwards of 50 years.
That is, a twenty year old suddenly has the reflexes of a normal seventy year old driver. So much of their concentration switches from watching where they are going to the conversation itself. However, there is an answer to that problem. That answer is voice mail.
People think that they just have to answer the phone when it rings even while on the road. The think that the person calling just has to hear a human voice. That is just not the case. That is the reason that voice mail, and answering machines, were invented in the first place. There is a time to answer the phone. And there are times when you should just let it go to voice mail.


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