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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Defining maturity

I know that it has been a while since I lasted posted to this blog, so let me start out with a simple question. How do we define maturity? When I ask this, I mean who is more mature, the people who are acting immature or the people who complain about everyone else who are being immature?

I, myself would define maturity as being able to take responsibility for one's own actions instead of blaming others for one's mistakes.
Reaching psychological maturity is an ongoing process that most people will never be able to fully achieve within their lifetimes. What one person considers completely immature can easily make complete sense to someone else.
Take, for instance, my decision not to use the local bikepaths whle riding my bike. To some, namely those who so kindly yell at me to use the bikepath, and you know who you are, this would seem to be complete lunacy.

Yet, to others like myself, this make more sense than using the bikepath. Yes, as much as I will be able until the snow flies, I will be riding my bike to work in the morning. To some people, this would seem to be very immature. Some people would consider me too cheap to drive my car, which I do have to do occasionally when in bad weather or when shopping has to be done.

But to me, this would make sense, both from a financial standpoint and simply because I enjoy it. What constitutes maturity depends entirely on one's point of view.



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