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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Take away the power of the fundalmentalists

If there is any one to blame for the war brought upon Lebanon by Isreal, Hamas and Hezbollah are the real ones to blame. It is their terrorist attacks on the country of Isreal that initiated this conflict. Many would argue that Isreal is the aggressor, but they ignore the fact that Hezbollah has fired thousands of unguided into northern Isreali cities. Or the thousands of Isrealis that have been murdered at the hands of Hamas-backed suicide bombers for no other apparent reason that they live in an affluent, Democratic country that happens to be surrounded by countries that regularly ignore the rights of their citizens to freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Hezbollah and Hamas would rather spend their time blaming Isreal and the U.S. for their problems rather than spending the effort to better them selves. They think that the elimination of these two countries would improve their lot.

They say that Isreal is the pawn of the U.S.. What about Syria? What about Iran? Hamas and Hezbollah are known to be acting on the orders of those two countries. Iran seems to be hell bent on becoming a nuclear power, and Syria is known to be a terrorist haven. Iran must not be allowed to manufacture nuclear weapons.

A thousand years ago, Islam was a grand religion. Much of the knowledge that we have of the ancient world was passed down to us by the Muslims. The ancient cultures of Greece and Rome were preserved by the ancient Muslims. The Christians of that era were Neanderthals by our standards.

Now is the time to return Islam to it’s period of greatness. But this will no tbe accomplished by force. The only way for this to happen is for this senseless violence to end. Take away the power of the Islamic fundamentalists. That is the only way for the violence to end.


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