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Thursday, October 19, 2006

BIg Brother strikes again!

President Bush and his religious Republican leaders have signed into law the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act of 2006. It is prohibition all over again. It didn't work then. Prohibition gave rise to organized crime and illegal speakeasies. The sale of alcohol was driven underground and was not stopped.
What our "democratically" elected leaders seem to forget is that restricting internet gambling runs contrary to the policies of the World Trade Organization and other free trade agreements. The WTO has regulatory power over the U.S. government and controls what our government can and cannot do. The WTO has filed strong protests with the U.S. government concerning internet gambling. Gambling websites have supported the economies of entire countries. Many of those websites collect as much as 50% of their income from Americcan gamblers.
In some countries like Great Britain, internet gambling companies are even traded publically on the stock market. The signing of this Act into law could have quite an adverse effect the economies of such countries. And the U.S. calls them allies? What right does the government have to tell Americans what to do with their own money. It is time to vote this government out of power!
Here is where you will find a terrific article on this.


At 6:47 PM , Anonymous Andrew said...

Sounds like The Bush crew is up to their old antics again. If people want to gamble, let them. Is it true that online gambling companies based in the U.S. now have to shut down because of this new act? Don't get me started on Bush and his cronies or this comment will turn into a novel.


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