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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The debate continues...

Recently, while riding the roads around Holland, I have had several drivers incorrectly inform me that I would be safer if I rode using the bike path. More often, they used the language, "Get off the road, a*****e!". Or the ubiquitious "Use the f****** sidewalk!". Though they say that they were concerned about my safety, I believe that they really were more concerned about how I was inconveniencing them, since in order to avoid me, they would actually have to pay attention to the road. Imagine actually having to unglue themselves from their cell phones for more than a few seconds to actually watch where they are going! How impossible it would be for them to actually contemplate that possibility!
Nevermind that there have been studies conducted that rpove their claims to be completely false. Here is one such study.
It shows that the majority of major injuries riding a bike occur while riding on the sidewalk. Very few happen while riding in traffic.

This is a wonderful video about how bicyclists should behave while driving in traffic. Very little real disruption to drivers.

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