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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Terri Shiavo's case should never been made public

Her husband had the right to protect her quality of life, and her diginity. Her parents and the public couldn't see this, and were selfish in keeping her alive.

Neither the government nor the courts had the right to get involved in the case. I grieve for her parents. It was not their daughters wish to be kept alive in this state for so long. Her wish to die should have been observed a long time ago. The public, no matter what their intentions, had no right to get involved with what was essentially an family matter.

Although it is sad that she died, Michael held his ground and let his wife die. It has bee said that allowing her to die was akin to moral poverty. I, for one, do not believe that this is so. To say that is to forget the way her life was lived for the last fifteen years. Anybody with any moral fiber could see that her quality of life had gotten so poor without any chance for improvement that this was really for the best.

Her suffering has finally come to an end. But the person that she was died fifteen years ago. Let us be able to look back and remember that best parts of her life. To be able to do that would be the best to preserve the quality of her life.


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