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Sunday, October 22, 2006

How little we have changed

I was watching the movie Gladiator a few weeks ago, and when I saw that much blood in the Roman Amphitheatre. It left me wondering: Have we really changed in our enterment venues that much?
If you have watched any movies lately, you would realize that truthfully, we have not really changed that much. The crowd's thirst for blood must still be quenched. The difference is that nobody really gets killed in these movies. Still, the more blood, usually the better. Just take a look at how many popular movies are gigantic gore fests.
The crowd's thirst for blood and violence is just as great now as it was then. Only back then, when the hero killed the villain, the villain didn't re-appear in another venue. Rape was not faked in the Roman amphitheatre as it is today. In the Roman amphitheatre, nothing was faked. Everything was real.
It just goes to show how little we have changed in our choice for enterment.


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