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Monday, December 18, 2006

An extremist

It is one thing to get angry at people for not dimming their bright lights, but the trucker in this story took his anger a little to the extreme side. The most he can legally do is complain, but what he did is vandalism. Getting angry at someone is not justification for damaging their car.
Trucker had his fill of bright headlights

CHARDON, Ohio -- A trucker is accused of throwing iron ore at passing motorists because he was angry they wouldn't turn off their bright headlights.

Glenn Rogers Jr., 40, told Geauga County Sheriff deputies he was mad at drivers who wouldn't dim their high beams as he passed them on state Route 422, Sheriff Dan McClelland said.

Rogers pleaded not guilty to two felony counts of vehicular vandalism Wednesday. More charges are possible because some motorists were injured, authorities said.

"This was not an accident, something accidentally falling out of his hand," McClelland said. "This was a deliberate act."

The department received more than 30 calls reporting broken windshields caused by the rocks since September.

The case had been a mystery to deputies until earlier this week when a woman whose windshield was broken followed the truck she believed the rock came from and called 911.
Deputies pulled over the semi-truck and found 15 lemon-sized pieces of black ore, used in steelmaking, in the cab. Bits of ore were found in many of the cars, McClelland said.
There is a reason why a person should always cut the other driver a break. When people don't cut the other driver a break iis when we have the problem called rage.


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