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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The industrial age is over, the information age is in full swing

It is the black man's attachments to the past and to their roots that has kept the black population in the past. The factory jobs that black people have relied on in the past are quickly being moved overseas where labor is cheaper.

In just a few year's short time, we will have at least two factories in Holland closing, Hart and Cooley and JCI. The main jobs for unskilled labor here will be in the low-paid service sector. Getting an education and relocating is the only way out of poverty. But they are afraid to leave family and what is familiar to them, and in being so afraid, are holding themselves back.

The economy of the United States is very quickly changing. The new normal is quickly becoming an information based economy that requires a highly educated work force that simply cannot be done with our current education system. But the funds needed for education are being wasted on a useless and irrational war that will cost more lives.

We need leaders that are willing to bring our education in line with the rest of the world in order to compete on the global stage. The industrial age is over. The information is now in full swing. It is time for us to get with the program. As anybody can see, those changes would not only benefit the black population, they would benefit us all.


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