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Monday, January 01, 2007

Note to prenatal mothers: think about your unborn children.

It was at MSNBC.com that I saw this piece. It tells us what most of the people out there should already know. This article talks about pregnant mothers and their smoking addictions. More specifically, it speaks of their being programmed to become smokers themselves later in life. Children of smokers are twenty times more likely to become smokers themselves. Of course, the tobacco companies would love to see this happen. They are the ones making a "killing" off these addictions. My own sister smoked for years, until she found out that she was pregnant for my nephew. I believe it is because she knew the health risks that she quit and has not smoked a day since. But the tobacco compnies are upping the ante.
In this article in MSNBC.com, the tobacco companies show their true colors, the color of money. It seems that the amount of nicotine has risen in recent years, at least 10%, in most brands. The brand marketed to African Americans, Kool, has raised the nicotine at least 20%. They don't care about the health of the people they sell, contrary to what their public relations compaign tell us. The more trouble people have quitting, the more money these people can line their pockets with.


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