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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Just goes to show that size really does matter

I was browsing the Car Accidents.com and found this article, which I found would be an interesting addition to this blog. The woman in this article found out the hard way what can happen when you do not pay attention to the road. She some how managed to not see that there was a large SUV stopped right in front of her.

To whom it may concern: I was driving to school as traffic started to get thick in Marin County, California (north of the Golden Gate Bridge).
I slowed down and was crawling at about 5 mph with the rest of traffic. I look in the rear view as a woman doing hell knows what probably on her cell phone doing makeup and changing CD's, comes flying in at full speed. She finally realized to slow down, but it was too late and skidded into my 97' Jeep Grand Cherokee at about 35 + mph. Thanks to the weight of my college supplies, my rear was weighed down enough to put my hitch smack in the middle of her honda's grill which pierced through the radiator and engine block! Oil and radiator fluid was all over the highway. If not for the extra weight she would have missed my hitch and hit the gas tank.
I came out fine, but she was a bit dazed and bruised. The scary part was that her air bags didn't go off.
I drove away as if nothing had happened. The only damage to my vehicle was my bumper being push up letting me barely lift my tail gate open. To make a long story short...pay attention to the road! and a hitch is a great investment even if you dont tow anything.
To hear that the offending driver had the only vehicle that sustained any damage in this incident can only be poetic justice. Hopefully, she learns her lesson before some one gets hurt. It is true that when people do stupid things, they only hurt themselves.


At 12:12 AM , Blogger RandomEncounters said...

I think that is hilarious! I think the other moral to the story is: own an SUV because they usually drive away without hard from stupid accidents like that.

At 8:45 PM , Blogger Woozie said...

My mom had a similar experience with a Toyota and her pickup truck a while back too.

At 11:32 AM , Blogger speeddemon0117 said...

The moral to the story is drive something is drive something that can take some damage, or learn how to drive so you can avoid collisions like this.


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