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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Another life needlessly taken

This could have been totally avoided. This sad story was found at Car Accidents.com. How hard could it be to see a red light, let alone a car turning left in front of you? The person that did this definitely does not deserve to have a drivers license. The collision happened as follows.
This accident happened on September 28th, 2005 in Riverview FL. A careless driver on a cell phone blazed through a red light at 55 mph and struck my mom's drivers door as she was going 20 mph attempting to make a left turn towards home. Her car was pushed 40 feet and my mom's neck was broken in 2 places. She died instantly.
As her daughter, and someone that had to go to the scene to identify her, I can't tell you enough-DRIVE SAFELY! OTHER PEOPLES LIVES DEPEND ON IT! My Mom always wore her seltbelt and was a very cautious driver. My sister and I, her fiance' (she was due to marry him the next week) , brother and grandson will miss her forever. The other driver has not been charged with anything due to no witnesses willing to get involved and make a statement at the scene.

Melissa T.
People, when you see an accident happen right in front, it is your duty to get involved and tell the police what you saw. That is the only way to get dangerous drivers like this off the road. They make it hazardous for everyone else. And when well meaning and otherwise clueless people decide to let them have their way, things only get worse.


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