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Thursday, April 26, 2007

If only they had not blown their money

I have been listening to the ongoing debate about increasing the fuel efficiency standards and have come to the conclusion that the that if the Big Three Detroit automakers had used their money wisely, they would not be in the situation that they are now.
It is because they wasted the money that would have been better spent on research and development into ways to increase the fuel efficiency of their fleets that they are losing ground now to the Japanese automakers. Instead of using their money wisely, the money was wasted on lobbying Congress to keep the CAFE standards lower than they could have been.
If the Big Three had spent a fraction of the money that was spent on the lobbyists on research and development, they would not have the money problems that they are having now. Honda and Toyota did spend their money wisely. I hear that Toyota has surpassed General Motors in sales. They are considering West Michigan for an area for building engines.
One of the criticisms I have heard about increasing CAFE standards is that doing that would cost this area jobs. I believe that quite the opposite would be true. I think increasing fuel efficiency standards would be a great way to create the kind of jobs that Michigan really needs.
Of course, the Big Oil might have something to say about better gas mileage. That would put a real dent in their profits. Everyone knows that Big Oil will do everything they can to keep their profits where they have been. Big Oil controls everything. Even the President comes from Big Oil.
Increasing fuel efficiency would also put a big hole in the pockets of all the terrorists that seek to hurt Americans. Most of the vast oil reserves of the world happen to lie under countries that have historically not been friendly to the United States. But they sell us the oil any way. They take the money that we give them and use it to sponsor terrorism against their best costumers. That can't be very good for business!
I would give this some very serious thought the next time someone argues against increasing fuel efficiency standards.


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