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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Say no to the draft!

Lately there has been a lot of debate in our newspapers about whether or not the United States military should reinstate the draft system. It is in the opinion of this author that this great nation, the sole remaning superpower in the world, has gained it's place in the world by relying a military that is made up completely of a volunteer force. Every one who currently serves in the U.S branches ofthe military, whether they be Army, Navy, Air Force (in which I have served), Marines, or Coast Guard, made that choice to join the military voluntarily. To reinstate the draft system is to forget what makes our military thhe most well trained, feared, and respected in the world.
The draft, as it was set up, was never truly equal. The poor and lower income families were always the ones who saw their sons, brothers,and fathers sent off to fight wars started by the rich families who got to send their children off to college. If you look at our current top government officers, you would see that this country is run by a bunch of rich brats and draft dodgers. Dick Cheney got out of going to Vietnam by going to college and President Bush got out of going to Nam by joining the Texas National Guard and belonging to a powerful family.
But that is the way the draft always worked. The less well to do have always had to pay for the mistakes of the wealthy. It is the wealthy who make policy and the not so well off who are the tools of that policy.


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