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Thursday, February 15, 2007

What do I see when I see the world of Islam?

What I see when I take a look at the world of Islam is, in fact what I see when I see the early history of the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church. When I speak of this, I speak primarily of the Muslims of both the Sunni and Shiite sects.
The early Catholic Church and the early Protestant Churches both had their differences in how they believed people should worship our God. At times, we have even been willing to go to war over those differences. It was by order of the Pope that the early Catholic Church sent entire armies to wipe out what it believed to be the heathens even though both churches worship the same God. The Pope even was the one who sent the armies of the European nations against the Ottoman Turks who had invaded Jerusalem adn tried to drive them back. Millions needlessly died because the Pope at the time was an ignorant fool who couldn't see past the hypocrisy he attempting to spread called the word of God. All three religions that claim Jerusalem as their holy land, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have all at one time been religions spread by violence. Any who would say otherwise are both liars and hypocrits.
Muslims the world over protested when their was referred to as a religion that spreads violence and terror. In their protests, when they burned buildings, synagogues, and churches and government buildings, instead of showing that theirs was a religion of peace, they have proved their critics right and reacted violently. Of course, the same could be said to be true of religious fanatics in all three of those religions.
The Israelis and the Christian world have shown that they are willing to live in piece with their different sects and with Islam. It is the Sunnis and the Shiites that could learn how to conduct themselves. They think that the only for their religion to survive is to convert everyone else or wipe them off the face of the Earth.When are they going to learn that violence only begets violence and does not solve anything. Sunnis and Shiites claim to worship the same God, yet because of small differences in their beliefs, lives have been needlessly lost.
Yet, if you follow the early history of both the Catholic and Protestant Churches, you would realize that we have not really been any different. Maybe the Shiites and the Sunnis could learn something from us.


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