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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Ice bound road rage

I am sorry about my slight absence here. I had intended a few more posts, unfortunately Blogger's antispam algorythms flagged this blog as a spam blog which it is not. Thank you to the Blogger personnel who investigated and found this to be a non spam blog.
Anyway, I was reading the MSNBC.com website and found this article that I thought to be very interesting. It concerns two drivers and the subject of road rage. It seems that last summer in Virginia that a mother of three got cut off a few more times than she thought she should have.
But did she pause to use her brain to solve her problem or just put it behind her, which should have been the smart thing to do? No she did not. She did the McMissile attack. That is, she threw a McDonald's cup full of ice at the driver of the offending car. And right in front of her own children to boot. What a poor example to set for her to show her children how to handle anger management issues.
How many of us have witnessed stupid drivers pulling stupid stunts? I myself have lost count. But throwing something at someone is illegal and more than a little extreme. A more appropiate manner to handle this situation would to have been to just shrug it off and get on with your day.
On the other hand, though, her initial sentence was just way out of line. Probation was more appropiate. Her initial sentence was to have been two to five years in prison. Does anyone else think that is stupid? Where is the justice when real criminals go free while concerned mothers go to prison?


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