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Monday, March 19, 2007

Tech overloaded society

I found this rather interesting article in the Grand Rapids Press. This piece deals with technology and how much it has come to overload our lives with unnecessary gadgets that are difficult to use and we really don't need to shell out hard-earned money for anyway. It just goes to show how much Corporate America has control of our lives and has convinced us that we really need all this stuff.
Has anbody checked out MySpace pages lately? It can be rather dificult to make out what someone has written on their page and they are difficult pages to navigate. The Ipod Mini? For the same price ($249) you can get a regular Ipod that holds twice as many songs. Not to mention the Ipod Nano that is $50 less and has just as much available space for music. With Windows Vista, it may be more secure now, but give crackers just a few months and they will find holes in the program and will be telling others how to exploit those holes.
The one that I think does still hold out at least some promise would be satellite radio. Imagine, being able to listen to the same station on long drives where ever you go in the U.S. All with cd quality and without losing the station when you are out in the middle of nowhere.
My point is, there comes a time when we just have to say that enough is enough. You have to question whether you really need that new gadget or could the money really be spent elsewhere like your child's education?


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