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Saturday, September 29, 2007

An Epidemic

As I look around me, I have noticed an epidemic. That is, I have noticed an epidemic of people who seem to have lost the ability to be able to watch where they are going. Maybe they never had that ability in the first place.
This problem seems to manifest itself no matter what a person is doing. Either they are too worried about what is going down the street to pay attention to a stop sign they are about to run or they are too busy with their phone conversation to notice that they are about to walk into someone head on.
I noticed this phenomenon quite a few times over the last summer season. It seems that people can simultaneously be looking at you and, at the same time, not see you until you almost smack into them head on. Then they have the nerve to look surprised when they actually figure out that there is someone there.
Then they show how deaf they are when they cannot hear you screaming at them. I usually shout to them "Heads up!" It is people like that who make our bike paths unsafe for avid bicyclers. WAKE UP, PEOPLE!

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