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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I have a theory

Over the last few months, I have developed a theory as to why some drivers hate bicyclers who choose to ride in the road rather than on the bike path. My theory goes something like this.
On the bike path, we are invisible to traffic. Yes, they can pretend that we don't exist. They can run stop signs in front of us and cut us off without a second thought. Of course, being invisible to traffic also means being invisible to the law.
Let me say that again. If I am invisible o traffic, I am also invisible to the law. There have been studies done that prove that a bicycler riding in the road is four times safer than when they ride on the bike path. Yet, the typical American drivng down the road today has not been taugh that cyclists have the sam righ to the road as a driver does. On the other hand, very few cyclists tke the time to learn the rules of he road themselves.
That said, my theory is that when we ride in the road, (which is our right, anyway) at that point, we are no longer off to the side and out of their line of sight. At that point, we are visible. I have, in the past, heard advice to ride like I am invisible to traffic. That is total rubbish.
The correct answer would be to make oneself as visible to traffic as possible. Standing out in the crowd is definitely a better idea than winding up as someone's hood ornament. Always follow the rulesof the road. At redlights and stop signs, take the lane.I refuse to be intimidated into doing something that I don't agree with.

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At 10:17 AM , Blogger MARC AND CHUCKY said...

Great information, thank you!


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