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Monday, October 04, 2010

Why do some people become vegeterians?

I always have wondered why some people become vegetarians. One reason I have heard is that i is for the health benefits. That is one that I cannot argue with, though I prefer a more balanced diet myself. To avoid consuming flesh is another reason that I have heard for people becoming vegetarians.



At 8:44 AM , Anonymous Your Sister said...

There are many reasons beyond the one you have listed.

Many people do not eat meat or limit their intake in order to have a healthier, more balanced diet (Eating meat does not add balance, it actually weakens balance). The human body does not process meat well, especially beef.

Another reason quickly becoming more relevant is the effects on the environment. The amount of chemicals and toxins pumped into the animals is unhealthy to both the animals and the people who consume them.

The waste from the animals is pollutant and at such an overabundance that the farmers don't have a proper way to dispose of it. Hence it affects other food sources (all those outbreaks of e Coli. and Salmonella are sourced to animals feces)

You should rent and watch Food Inc.

Want to know more? Talk to your sister

At 9:47 AM , Anonymous old vet said...

May be the reason is Hate the meat So they become vegeterians

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