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Saturday, April 09, 2005

We only have ourselves to blame

It often amazes me that people often ask why are so many American jobs being sent overseas. The answer is the American consumer.

We, the American consumers, are always looking for the lowest prices on the products we buy. For instance, it is said that generic medicines have led to the pending closing of the Pfizer plant here in Holland. The potential impact is felt well beyond the families of the plant employees. It will affect spending on consumer goods in this area, such as at area grocery stores, and other shopping venues. There will not be as much money spent in area restaunts, either. West Shore Mall is already feeling the impact.

When are we going to wake up and get the clue? The extra money for the full price is used for things like quality control and research and development. And no company exists for long without profit. If they can't make a profit here, those companies will go somewhere else where they can.

The other reason jobs are going overseas is that Americans hesitant to re-educate themselves and learn new job skills. If we want to keep the good jobs here, Americans have to be willing to learn new job skills. We have to be willing to get a better education. Not only will we be better trained to handle new jobs, we will also feel better about ourselves.


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