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Monday, August 01, 2005

The irratoinality of using a cell phone while driving a car

While reading from Drive Now, Chat Later, I came across this piece. It covers some of the most common, and at times irrational, objections to banning the use of cellphones while driving a car. Some might be logical, but most are looney and outlandish. It appears that some people are more interested in their so called "rights" than they are in keeping their minds on the road.

Here, I present common objections to banning cellphones while driving.

" Banning the use of hand held cell phones while driving is an infringement on my personal freedom"

" Talking on a cell phone is no more dangerous than putting on makeup, eating fast food, tuning a radio, or reading a map while driving. People need to use common sense, and we can't write laws that make that happen.

" There are already laws that punished careless and reckless drivers appropriately for reckless driving. We don't need another one specifically for cell phones"

" A law like this would not be enforceable"

" This law will be bad for business"

. " There isn't enough to prove that using a while driving causes accidents.">

Cellular telephones are important devices for reporting emergencies."

While the last one makes sense, the others sound quit a bit flaky. It is readily apparent that these people that make these statements do not know what they are really saying. They tend to run their mouths before they think about what they are saying.


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