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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Even fighter jocks have problems with this

I got this from Drive Now, Chat Later. The guy that wrote this is a fighter pilot in the Air Force and he couldn't manage talking on a cell phone and driving at the same time

"I, like most people, feel that I am an above average driver. When I have occasionally talked on the phone while driving, it readily becomes apparent to me that I lose some situational awareness. It's almost like I have the automatic pilot on but, unfortunately, I don't have one in my car.

I am very good at multitasking, have fantastic reflexes and have developed exceptional situational awareness and hand-eye coordination. I was in the United States Air Force for 10 years and regularly flew within a couple feet of another aircraft going 500 mph. I presently am a commercial airline pilot and still use all of the skills I've developed over the years. Being able to manipulate a machine to make it do exactly what I want it to do is my livelihood. If I notice a serious degradation in my driving performance when I attempt to talk on a cell phone and drive, imagine what happens to your average Joe Blow."

People should listen to this one. He is a professional and he has problems handling his car when on the phone. If he can't do it, how do most of us fare? I would say very poorly.

For this and other stories and statistics, go to Drive Now, Chat Later


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