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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Never run from the police

I just read in the Holland Sentinel about this guy who ran from the police. He already had a criminal record and was wanted for violating his probation.

After he was spotted by the police, he did the most idiotic thing a person in his situation could do. He led them on a chase, first by car, then on foot.

When has this ever worked? The answer is simple. That strategy never works! If he ever watched television, he would have realized that people who do these stupid stunts always get in more trouble then if they would just stop for the police.

It is a proven fact that if you give a cop an attitude when you get pulled over, they will give you a huge ticket. Being nice and watching your mouth will always keep you out of trouble. When they ask you if you know why they stopped you, never admit that you did anything.


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