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Thursday, May 19, 2005

The debate between science and religion

It is disillusioning how backward our country has come. The line between church and the state has become blurred. Nowhere is this more apparent than the debate between science and religion.

On one side, we have the church. This is the side that believes only in the Bible to the point of the exclusion of the theory of evolution. They believe that everyone that does not agree completely with them is a crazy heretic. To them, if it is not in the Bible, it did not happen, and therefore cannot be true.

On the other side, there is science. The side that believes strictly in evolution. They think that the universe can be broken down into atoms and neutrons and mathematical equations. They can't these to answer the really important questions. The questions of: Is this all that there is? Is there anything more? Why am I here?

It is because of this divide that American students have consistently tested last in the areas of science and mathematics. These are not the only parts of education affected. Most American students can't even locate their own country on a world map, let alone their own state.

Why can't science and religion find a common ground? All myths do have an element of truth to them. To people living thousands of years ago, many of the things that we take for granted today would seem godlike.


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