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Monday, July 04, 2005

Keep your attention on the road

This incident happened in my own home state. The driver in this case was so much into his conversation on his cell phone that he was not watching where he was going. He didn't even have time to react before he rear ended the person in front of him. This account is from Drive Now, Chat Later.

This incident happened several years ago, but it will always stick in my mind. I was driving with a friend on I-75 just north of Detroit. Traffic was medium heavy and traveling around 55 mph. I was in the passenger seat, so I was able to look around and daydream and see the sights.

I happened to look at an individual who was driving next to me. He was talking on his cell phone, and it looked like he was having a wonderful conversation with someone on the other line! He was talking very fast and very loud and laughing hard. This went on for several miles, up to the point when he was so far into this conversation that he forgot the fact that he was driving and literally looked up at the ceiling of his car.

This process lasted for about five seconds. Little did he notice that the traffic had come to a complete stop in front of him. When he finally lowered his head he was about 1.5 car-lengths from the car in front of him, and, with the cell phone still clutched in his hand, he let out a scream into the phone that hit glass-shattering decibels and slammed into the car without even hitting his brakes. All this took place while traveling at 55 mph. I learned from his mistake that talking while driving could have a big IMPACT on my life and maybe someone else's!
Michael Robb

People say that they can react fast enough to avoid. If that is so, then it is possible for them to overreact and make things worse. A driver's attention needs to be on the road in front of them. If they are paying attention, then they shouldn't have to react.

Always remember to Drive Now, Chat Later.


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