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Friday, February 10, 2006

Two extremes of drivers

In the last few weeks of driving to and from work, I have come to realize that there are two extremes of drivers. Both of them can be extremely annoying. I hate sharing the road with both of them. Of course, there is not much choice but to deal with them.

On one side, you have the very aggressive drivers. They are the ones who go plowing through red lights and stop signs like they are not even there. You always have the people who cut everyone else off. Of course, you can't forget the ones who are so wrapped up in their cell phone conversations that they can't be bothed to watch where they are going.

Case in point, a couple of days ago, I was on my way to work when I noticed a group of ambulances and police cars at an intersection. Apparently, a truck driver didn't see a red light. I must also mention that he did not see the car RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, a guy who had actually bothered to stop at the light. Unfortunately the driver of the car did not survive. Also unfortunatlely, that truck driver did. My condolences to the families involved.

On the other hand, we also have the extremely timid drivers. These are the ones who can't seem to make up their mind what they want to do. They always seem to hold everyone up deciding which way to go. These are the people that always drive 10 mph under the speed limit.


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