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Friday, September 09, 2005

How cell phones have changed our lives

This article was recently found at The New Atlantis. It discusses the many ways in which the use of cell phones have changed our lives.

The article discusses how people talking oc their cell phones seem to forget that the people around them can hear what they are saying. Things like simple manners seem to have been thrown out the window in favor of social status.

It goes on to describe how these people seem to be in a state of "absent presence" or where they are physically present but so absorbed in their conversations that they are out of tune with the world around them. You see them everywhere. Walkimg down the road, riding their bikes, DRIVING THEIR CARS.

At least with the ones with cell phones in their ears, you can tell they are talking to someone. The people using hands-free can, at times, look totally ridiculus, gesticulating wildly, appearing to speak to no one in particular. The article describes them as appearing deranged, slightly addled escapee from a psychriatic ward.

I think you will find this piece quite interesting. I know I did.


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