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Thursday, August 11, 2005

the use of cell phones to cheat

Recently, I found an aritcle at Cell Busters. The article concerns testing and the use of cell phones to cheat on tests. People who do this are costing schools and testing corporations money and are posing security risks. The article like this:

Read how cell phones are costing test developers and schools money and giving test candidates a very unfair advantage.

Cell phones equipped with cameras and even cell phones with texting are a deadly weapon when it comes to schools and testing centers. It now gives people inside a room taking an exam, access to the outside. Not only can they take pictures of the computer screen or exam sheet, they can also text someone on the outside to get the correct answers, receiving the answers with their cell phones on vibrate.

As Jason Templeton, principal of Hamilton High School put it, " Some of these kids have become so good at texting, they can do it in their pocket without looking at the phone".

John Staunton, from Ace Vision Testing centers says "We sometimes spend tens of thousands of dollars developing high level tests for our clients, someone taking pictures of the tests compromises the integrity of our testing centers. We may end up having to re-develop these tests at a huge expense".

Having a cell phone detector in exam halls and testing centers can alert the person overseeing the process to catch cheaters in the act.

Don't these people doing this have any idea the damage they are doing? Or do they only care about getting high scores on their tests? Some people just have no integrity.


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