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Monday, October 03, 2005

Buses should be very obvious

Here I have another story from Car Talk. It illustrates the possibilities of what can happen when a driver is driven to distraction. The man in this story should have seen the school bus coming, but he was too distracted by the conversation on his cell phone to pay attention. A big yellow school bus would normally be kind of hard to miss.

This is the story of a CPA who was also a college instructor, RIck. He had gone to lunch at a local mall. Coming out of the Mall there is an entrance to a local highway. Rick was talking to his banker on his cell phone. He stopped, looked right, looked left directly into the eyes of the school bus driver who was traveling the legal 55 mph... and then, while talking, drove directly into the path of the school bus. No more Rick. Several on the bus were injured.



Some people just have to learn the hard way. And some people never learn.


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