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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Ah, the (relative) innocence of youth

Recently, while browsing the Car Talk website, I found this letter written by a sixteen year old driver. He lies to himself, and to others, when he says that talking on the phone while driving has not hampered his driving. Your typical sixteen year old driver just does not have the experience necessary to uunderstand that driving a car takes a great deal of focus. See here what he wrote to Car Talk.

What the hell are you guys thinking about when you propose banning cell phone use while driving?!?!?! There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking while driving; statistics mean absolutely nothing. I drive while talking on my cell phone frequently, and it has NEVER, not once, hampered my ability to drive in any way, shape or form, EVER. All my friends drive exactly the same way as I do, and we are proud not to have had any accidents while driving and using cell phones. Nor has either one of my parents, who both handle extremely large business deals while talking on their cell phones and driving.

I will honestly admit that I am 16 and an occasional listener of Car Talk. I am also proud to say I am an extremely overly considerate driver in all conditions.

Jon Leventhal

Well Jon, just because you, your friends, and your parents haven't had any accidents does not make you good drivers. To this point, you have been lucky. Let's just hope when your luck runs out, you, your friends, or your parents don't end up killing someone.

Here is another article from Car Talk. In this piece, the young lady driving the car thought that her phone conversation and holding her dog were more important than driving her car.

I had been driving, accident-free, for about 30 years. Two years ago I was bringing my son home from college, and my car was rear-ended on a Virginia highway. The cause? Cell phone usage! A young lady had her puppy dog in one arm while the other arm was supporting that brain-draining auricular device. She apparently couldn't react quickly enough to keep from hitting my car in a sudden braking situation. I was driving a 1989 Buick fully loaded with college-student stuff. Her car, a late-model Mazda, was empty of everything except the vehicle's standard features, herself, her dog and her CELL PHONE.

The good news was that nobody was hurt.

Walt Zolkiewicz

That young lady should be arrested for animal cruelty!


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