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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The cameras are not the problem

In the current issue of Popular Mechanics, I found an article that was written about the pros and cons of using traffic cameras to enforce speed limits and stop lights. According to the article, using cameras to enforce stop lights decreased the number of collisions do to running the red lights, but the occurance of rear-end collisions increased by a factor of 140%. Because of this, people have been against the use of traffic cameras.

The cameras are there for the safety of the drivers on the road. They are not there to make money for the communities that use them. According to popular opinion, that is not the case. The increase in rear-end collisions was caused by drivers not paying attention to the road. Unfortunately, it is far too easy to blame the governments and the cameras. American drivers have not learned to take responsibility for their own actions.

People have to be reminded that no matter how much they rely on it, the ability to drive a motor vehicle is NOT a right, it is, and always has been, privilege.
Abuse it and it gets taken away.


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