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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Teens texting? While driving? What idiots!

Of all the things there are to distract teenage drivers in this day and age, there is only one thing that is more dangerous than using a cel phone while driving. That would be text messaging while driving.
I found an article at United Press International that describes what could be a parent's worst fear. That is that teenage drivers say that they are most distracted when they send or receive text messages while they are driving their car. When that happens, their attention is taken off the road which is where it should be. All the time.
The thing is that they are not doing anything illegal. That is, it is not against the law to use a cell phone for text messaging or talking while. So they think that is OK. But teenage drivers just don't have the experience necessary to judge whether their behavior is dangerous or not. Some even might tempted to do so by the fact that it is dangerous. Those teens are in this for the thrill factor and just don't care abolut what happens to anyone else.


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