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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Great Circle of Life

Somebody once said that the general public has no place telling big business what to do. That could not be farther from the truth. We have seen this with antitrust cases brought against large corporations, namely Wal-mart and Microsoft. These large corporate bodies seem to conveniently forget that it is from the pockets of the American consumers where they get their money. Money doesn't grow on trees. It is on the pockets of the general public they have been able to grow their businesses, hence The Great Circle of Life.
When giant corporations like Enron and Worldcom think that they are above the law and don't hold themselves accountable, that is when they basically shoot themselves in the foot. Both companies defrauded their investors, the above mentioned general public, out of millions of dollars and in the process lost our trust. They showed that corporate America is full of those who lie, cheat, and steal from their fellow Americans just to get ahead.
And, last but not least in The Great Circle of Life, are the countries who openly support terrorism. Where do they get their money? For the most part, from the American public!
That's right. When you buy gas at the gas station, over 40% of what you pay at the pump goes for the price of oil. Most of that oil comes from third world countries who funnel a large um of that money goes to support groups that would kill the very same customers that support the economies of those who support terrorism in the first place. How stupid could you get?


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