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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Same story, different editors

I just had a revelation recently, one that everyone should understand but most people just don't get: You can ask the same question to three different people, but get three different answers.
Effectively, they are telling the same answer, but is it always going be worded the same?
No, it is not.
Now, does that mean that they are lying? Not really. It is like reading about the same story in different newspapers. They get most of their stories from the same source, the Associated Press. But the story is going to be edited differently. It is being told from a different point of view.
In order to get the entire story, you have to go to different sources to get information. Very many different sources. If you use only one or two, you will never get the entire endhilada. To get the rest, you have to dig deep and collect many different points of view to get the whole picture.


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