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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Gasoline expensive? Relative to whom?

I was reading the opinion section of the Detroit Free Press today and noticed that there were a lot of complaints about how expensive the price of a gallon of gasoline has gotten to be. It just goes to show how lazy and ignorant a lot of Americans have become.
One comment in particular caught my eye. The person who wrote this comment (name withheld) went so far as to say that he only had to drive four miles to work. If he had to go farther than that, gasoline would be the only thing that he could afford. Four miles? He could probably walk to work and be there on time. Or ride a bicycle. People in other countries have done that for years. And these people live where they have paid way more for gasoline than we have.
The price of gasoline that we pay at the pump is relatively low considering how much it costs to get it to the gas stations. Plus, the fact that refineries have been shut down by oil companies definitely has not helped in this situation.
What most Michiganders seem to have forgotten is that there are alternatives to having to drive everywhere. We have gotten spoiled. I see people everyday who can barely get around because they have gotten lazy and now can barely move. That is the price that they pay for thinking that they just have to drive everywhere. If you don't like the price of gasoline, ride a bike. Or walk.


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