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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

What a bunch of selfish cry babies!

I have listened to the arguments for and against the porposed bill in the Michigan legislature banning smoking in restaurants and enclosed workplaces and this is what I have to say about all the smokers who say that this is not about public health, but about Big Governmment sticking it's nose where it does not belong. All they are is a bunch of selfish, self-serving, whining crybabies!
The saying that this is nothing but government interference is simply not true. This bill will be voted on by the people who are aggravated by having smoker's second-hand smoke forced upon us. Smokers calim that their civil rights are being violated by non-smokers. What do they think they are doing to our civil rights when we are forced to breath that crap that comes off the end of that cigarette? Smokers rights DO NOT TRUMP NON-SMOKERS HEALTH! GET WITH THE PROGRAM!
One group of arguments that I have heard from restaurant owners is that they will lose business. That is simply not true at all. What will happen is the demographic of their costumers will change. Familes with children who have asthma ( which has been shown to be aggravated by second hand smoke) will have more choices where they can treat their families to dining out. They won't have to walk through that haze on their way to the bathroom or out the door.
If you look at all the thirty states that have passed ban on smoking, the fears that restaurant owners have had in the past about the possible loss of busines have amounted to be nothing but hype. For most of them, they have actually seen gains in the amount of business they are having at their business. You will see that their originally figures have not held water.


At 6:50 AM , Anonymous &rea said...

Hey, we're having the same issue here in Pennsylvania, about whether to ban smoking in public. You'll be suprised to find that I'm a lifelong asthmatic who is AGAINST the government ban. I avoid restaurants that allow smoking; however, I strongly oppose the government meddling, yet again, "for the good of the people." Entrepreneurs should have the right to determine what may or may not go on within the four walls of their business.

I know all too well about how asthma is aggravated by smokers. I lived with one as a child. I breathe better now than I did growing up.

I don't care about whether a restaurant will see increases or decreases in business (in fact, I agree with you that business will not suffer), but this is about personal freedoms. And it's about ensuring the government stops playing parent. People need to become self-sufficient again.

PA lifted the motorcycle helmet law a few years ago. More cyclists are dying every day in wrecks, but they know the risks and they willingly make the decision not to wear one. But it's a personal choice. Now they need to repeal that seatbelt law (I will still wear mine because I know it works, but I hate feeling obligated to connect it because a cop could be around any corner!)

We're adults, let us use the brains our parents helped us develop for 18 years!

PS, keep up the rants. I may not always agree with them, but I ALWAYS respect someone with the passion to articulate their opinions!


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