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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Gas guzzling American Rednecks!

I have heard a lot of complaints lately about the price of gasoline lately. What I don't see is many people doing a lot to curb how much gasoline they use every day. Case in point are the rednecks who feel that they have to peel out at every corner that they come to in the biggest vehicles that they can find. These are the same people that think they have to race everyone else who just happens to be on the road with them, blowing stop signs and generally scaring the hell out of everyone.
It is not rocket science to realize that a vehicle that is moving faster uses more fuel than one that is moving slower. All it does is just waste gas.
But what do they care? They will just use their credit cards to cover the cost. And then spend the next thirty years or so paying for gasoline for that gigantic SUV that they really don't need, except as a status symbol of how wasteful they are. I guess that when you have a sky-high credit limit, you think that you are on top of the world.
It seems that in my observations that at every light, there is some quack that just has to get ahead of everyone and go racing off just so they can show off to the world what a redneck they are.
Please, if you really want to save on gasoline, just use your brain and drive smarter.


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