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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Americans are the biggest whiners.

I have been reading all the complaints about the rising cost of gasoline and have come to the conclusion that most Americans don't really know how to do much else but complain. There are solutions to our problems but we seem to be too lazy to come up with them.
Do people really think that boycotting gas stations will really do anything to lower the price of gasoline? After all, gasoline is only one of many products manufactured from petroleum. People seem that petroleum is used in the manufacture of many different products.
The price of gasoline is set by the processes of supply and demand. It is because we as Americans believe that we just have to drive everywhere that the supply is so low and the prices are so high. Nobody complained about the price of gasoline while prices were relatively low.
It takes a really big shock to our pocketbooks to make us really look at the way we as Americans live our lives. But most of us look elsewhere for answers to our problems. The real place to look for answers to our problems is to look inside of ourselves and stop blaming others. If you don't like the price of gasoline, find ways to walk to work or ride a bicycle.


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