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Monday, August 06, 2007

More arguments against bottled water

I found this article at MSNBC.com. In the piece that I read, the author, Arthur Caplan, wonders why people who see themselves as environmentally conscious would buy bottled water at all when water from the tap.
In the article that he wrote, Arthur discusses the negatives involved with buying bottled. On eof those negatives concerns the weight of the bottles themselves. Water is a very heavy substance. Therefore, it is a very costly product to ship around the country and therefore, the world.
Another point he makes is that the manufacturing process of the plastic bottles themselves involves the use of a large amount of petroleum. That is just in the bottles themselves, not including the transportation process. Taking them to recycle centers uses a lot of petroleum, putting money in the pockets of terrorists who are targeting U.S. troops in Iraq. That does not include the estimated 30 million mindlessly taking up valuable landfill space.
Why throw all that money away everyday when you spend less money on an excellent water filtration system that does the same job, but for only pennies a day? Figure that one out.


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