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Monday, August 13, 2007

There are other alternatives

It has been said that the road to hell has been paved by good intentions. Thus the recent change in policy by the Plymouth-Canton school district concerning the use of cell phones during classes is well intentioned, but has been a very poor idea. An opinion piece in the Detroit Free Press shows that getting tough on cell phone abuse doesn't necessarily have to include suspension. That would be counterproductive to the process of learning.
If the parents need to get ahold of their children in case of an emergency, they always have the option of calling the school. If it is not an emergency, there is this great new invention called VOICE MAIL! LEARN HOW TO USE IT!
As for the reader who believes that school administrators should be held criminally responsible for taking property, they do have the right to confiscate any item that disrupts the learning process. That is their right.


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