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Thursday, October 18, 2007

The stain of hatred

This evening, I was watching the movie American_History_X. While I was watching this movie, I was reminded just how ugly hatred of any kind can really be. Hatred is the only real evil that we need to protect our children from. Hatred is vile, infectious, blind, and ultimately self-defeating.
Unfortunately, it is blind hatred that permeates our culture to the point where all some people know how to do is hate each other often for nothing but what seems like the most idiotic of differences.
Why do we hate? What purpose does hatred serve? Muslim fundamentalists are trying to convert our entire world to Islam. Christian fundamentalists are trying to make Christianity the only religion we should adopt. They both use hatred and fear as a way to rationalize trying to push their respective faiths on the rest of the world and have
the nerve to call anyone who does not convert evil.
Blind, ignorant hatred is the only evil that America should combat. Often, we hate each other simply because of simple differences. Skin color is only skin deep. And the Jewish people have been repeatedly attacked throughout history. Yet, those have often been enough to drive some people to commit heinous acts of genocide and linch mobs.
Hatred is blind and ignorant and has no rational reason.

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