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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A few word on cyclists vs P.O.B.s (people on bicycles)

The first video I have to show here is one guy whose real problem is not with real cyclists. Real cyclists always do whatever they can to make themselves visible to traffic and avoid the temptation to ride like they are invisible to traffic. We know that in order to ride safely, we have to make ourselves as visible as possible to others using the road. Cyclists do everything we can to obey the traffic laws. We don't run stop signs or red lights. I wish I could say the same for drivers.

The polite term for morons who do this would be people on bicyclists. I prefer to call them A.O.B.s, short for assholes on bicycles.

The problem is that here in the U.S., biking to work is still con sidered an oddity. Cycling has been traditionally marketed here as a sport and not a legitimate form of transportation. I think that if more people rode their bikes wherever they go and bothered to learn the rules of the road, attitudes toward cyclists would change for the better.

Now, the person in this video obviously has nothing better to do with their time than to hate on people. Life is just short for that. Obesity has reached epidemic levels, the price of gasoline has skyrocketed, and all the money we spend on oil is going to the terrorists who are killing our servicemen. And who is he even bothering to hate? Why, that happens to be the only people even bothering to do anything about it! His argument lacks any common sense. Just pass us and get a life!

We ride in the road in order to be seen. The so-called "bike path" has proven to be way more dangerous for cyclists. Being seen is being safe. Case in point, riding home from work today, if I had been riding on the bike path, an ignorant female driver who was too busy with her cell phone conversation, ran a stop sign. If I had been riding on the bike path, I could easily have been killed. But since I was in the road, I was able to avoid her. Bike paths are not safe.



At 9:18 AM , Blogger Freth said...

Considering that we are talking about the U.S. of A. ... in general, what bike paths?

It is commonly considered illegal to ride on sidewalks.

I often ride narrow 2-lane roads with little or no shoulder on my way to work or the grocery store ... plenty of cars ... no bike lane.

The only decent bike path I've ever ridden on was along the ocean west of Los Angeles ... its concrete and runs along the backside of the beaches for 23 miles (not along the roads) ... and you have to dodge pedestrians, skaters, joggers and women with strollers who think the bike path is the sidewalk (despite the signs stating otherwise).

Be pro-active, use defensive riding, nobody cares about you ... more than you do!


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