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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winter is almost here, will the yahoos return?

With the start of the winter season almost around the corner, I have been wondering will all the yahoo drivers out there have finally learned their lessons? Or will they still be in such a hurry that they still be complete idiots when it comes to such things as driving in whiteout conditions?
Traditionally, that usually is not the case. We will always have people driving like complete idiots when the snow falls every year. These are the people who think that because they are driving a SUV or 4x4 means they have the right to intimidate everyone else into getting out of their way. I know that they think that they are safer in their vehicles, but what about the rest of the people that they have to share the road with? Not to mention the ones with their cell phone glues to their ears!
Even worse are the idiots who are text messaging while they are driving. That is way more dangerous than even chatting on the phone while they are driving.

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