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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Only stupid people end up paying late fees

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I have read a lot of complaints about the so-called outrageous late fees that video stores charge for costumers who return the videos they rent. That got me to thinking about what is the best way to avoid having to pay those late fees. There is really one way to avoid those fees and that is to return the videos they rent on time.
That should really be a no-brainer. How hard is it to stop by the store on your way to work in the morning? How hard is it really to use that wonderful invention called a night drop box?
All these people complain about the obscene fees these companies charge. And yet, they don't do anything to change their own behavior and end up giving away their money. OH PLEASE! There would be no need for those fees if these idiots would just return their movies on time. COME ON PEOPLE, GET WITH THE PROGRAM!

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