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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Unhealthy workers cost employers money

It was in The Christian Science Monitor that I saw this article. Some workers rights groups would consider any employer making unhealthy workers pay more for health care an invasion of privacy. Although I don't believe that employers have the right to do this, I do , however, agree with their reasons for doing this.

For the most part, I don't view obesity as a disease. Obesity is a choice that is made. A person who is overweight made a choice to be that way. They chose to be inactive. They chose to drive everywhere instead of walking or riding a bicycle. They think that they have to drive, when the truth is most of them would be just fine riding.

If more people rode their bikes to work instead of driving, not only would they feel better about themselves, they would be healthier and would feel better about themselves.

There are other benefits to this. One of the most obvious is not having to use expensive gasoline. It would also be less strain on health care costs, as well as the employers pocketbook.