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Monday, January 18, 2010

Are you "normal"?

What exactly constitutes the concept of normality? Is there even such a thing as being "normal"? Or, for that matter, is it really worth all the effort trying to "fit in"?

I have noticed that with some people, the more that they try stand out from the crowd, more often than not, they seem to end up being just like every else. With others, though, they try so much to fit in with the crowd that they actually find themselves standing out from everyone else.

I would think that when one thinks about what is considered "normal", one must consider two things. One is the person, the other being the situation that person finds themselves in.
What is normal for one person may not be normal for someone else. I, for one, am not comfortable starting a conversation with other people. For others, though, striking up a conversation with other people just comes as second nature. But I am working on that.
On the other hand, my preferred method of travel to work in good weather is to use my bicycle to travel to work. Most other people see bikes as a great way to get excercise, but not as viable trsnsportation to get where they have to go.
Is there really such a thing as being "normal"? I would say that what is normal is in the eye of the beholder.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Visiting the holiday lights

This is a video I shot while visiting the Holiday Lights display in Spring Lake this past winter.

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