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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Finally able to get the bicycle out to work.

Today, for the first time in a matter of weeks, I was able to ride my bike to work this morning. It was a little on the cold side so I had to bundle up for the ride. But otherwise, it felt great. Until the ride home.
On my ride home, I got the usual honks from impatient, self important motorists who were in too much of a hurry, I also had to put up with the obviously blind pedestrians who could not see the Do Not Walk sign and decided to cross a busy street anyway. Nevermind that that is how people get killed.
Over all the years that I have started riding in the road, I have heard some rather uninformed statements from misinformed motorists. I remember one story that I read in the paper where one woman got killed riding her bicycle. Some of the comments that I read about that story went along the lines of she should not have been riding in the street. Nevermind that she crossed against the ligh. Nevermind that she was riding at night with no lights on. Oh yes,and add to that she was riding on the bikepath.
Then there was the incident where a local middleschool student was killed early in the morning crossing a busy street. According to what the officer said at the scene, he had no reflective clothing on and had no lights on so that he could be seen.
And yet I am the one who gets yelled at?

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